I have a physical therapy client who occasionally shows up with back pain, pain in both wrists & both knees.  She works full time and has an 18 month old.  She originally came a few months after having her baby, and had a bad uterine infection, and was so weak, she was worried about dropping her baby.


After I evaluated her and understood what was going on, I recommended she come in twice per week for at least 4 weeks.


“But I don’t have time, I’m going back to work”, she tells me.


How and why she thought going back to work with an active infection, while still very much recovering from her C-section was a good idea was beyond me.  I understand some financially can feel incredibly tied, but she did have some flexibility.


She came back once, and then I didn’t see her again for 2-3 months.


She still had the infection.  She had been on about 5 rounds of antibiotics.  She was still in pain.


And again, she didn’t have time to keep coming.


Again, I saw her a few months later.  Luckily the infection had resolved, but likely do to all the antibiotics, stress and lack of exercise, every joint hurt. She was exhausted & irritable.


But she still didn’t have time.


And I haven’t seen her since.


I am hoping for the best for her, but frankly, unless she found a way to make herself a priority, that is an incredibly unlikely scenario.


In my professional opinion, had she made the choice to take some extra time off and dedicate time to her own healing, she would likely be back at work, healthy, happy & much stronger.


But often, that step back from life/work feels impossible.


I can’t tell you how many times I hear things like “but I have a huge deadline coming up” or ” there is no way I could ever give up ::insert food causing full body inflammation::, I just love it too much”.  or “I don’t have time to come in 2x/week for physical therapy or meditate 5 minutes a day”


Ok, I hear you, I do.


But your physiology doesn’t.  It doesn’t care about your excuses.  At all.


When you make excuses to me & are looking for alternatives, it is implying a few things:


  1. That I am just making other people follow through with certain things (like coming in 2x/week for PT,  or limiting a food causing a reaction) for the fun of it and really, they don’t actually need to be
  2. I have some magical easy alternative I reserve for super special people who have super special life circumstances
  3. You’re exempt from having to take care of yourself because your life is too busy/hard/complicated, etc.


Here is the thing, I feel you.  I do.


I used to be queen of excuses.


Actually, I am still pretty damn good at them.  I just am getting a heck of a lot better at realizing when they don’t serve me & then choosing an alternative (which is sometimes to just say “I’m choosing not to do this right now).


I am 100% willing to work with you & your plethora of excuses you’re willing to work with me to let them go and take control.  And I promise, I am not hiding anything from you.  In fact, in cases where therapy/coaching is sped up for artificial reasons (like insurance refusing to pay or you’re moving to a desert island with no internet), it is usually a huge dis-service to you.  Either lots of information just goes untold, or we cram in too much information and overwhelm your system.


Helping people figure out HOW to implement healthy changes into their life is EXACTLY what I do when I coach people.  If you don’t have the time, that is exactly WHY you should find the time to work with a coach who will help you put yourself as a priority – after all, it is your life.


Because frankly, your physiology is going to do it’s thing no matter what.  Just like athletes who tear a muscle before a big game don’t get to play or cancer develops in the most unfair way to the someone with far too much life ahead of them…you don’t get to just heal magically fast because life is busy.


In fact, the more your push back on this, the more your body is likely to retaliate.


After all, people usually get hurt/have symptoms because the body is crying out for something to change!


So what is something that you’ve been frustrated about not getting better that you haven’t truly given the time and energy to heal or change?


Your sleep? Back pain?  Energy? Stress? Mental clarity?  Digestive symptoms??  Relationships?


Let me know in the comments below if there is an area that you’ve tried ‘quick fix’ solutions for but they just haven’t worked….