Getting healthy can feel insanely overwhelming.


On the positive side, there are so many different doors that can be opened and addressed (meaning, if you haven’t reached your goals, I can GUARANTEE there is something you haven’t tried)….but this also means…there are a shit ton of things to look at!


Sleep, nutrition, spirituality, joy, exercise, mindset, releasing old trauma, setting boundaries….the list goes on.  Each is its own unique door taking you to something new on the other side.


I literally can hear your cries through the computer…they are either:


“omg, stop, I need to address all of these & I don’t know where to begin”




“I’ve tried ALL of these and nothing has helped”


If you’re in the first camp…start with one thing.  Whatever sounds most fun and/or doable.  Simple as that.  Just one thing at a time.


If you’re in the second – I’ll invite you to re-evaluate.  And if you feel yourself pushing back like CRAZY, then the mindset piece may be a great area to investigate with a coach (honestly, this one is TOUGH to do yourself!).  To be perfectly honest, usually those who say this have tried less than they think.  Or just haven’t given it enough time.


Here is the thing, you just may not be ready to tackle certain areas, and that is totally cool.


I don’t see self responsibility as all or nothing.


You can choose to be responsible for some areas, and not others.


I personally became self responsible for my own physical health well before I became responsible for my emotional health. And I refuse to ever become self responsible for doing my taxes. Ever.


Seriously. Is that a weird life goal? Never having to do my own taxes!?


But whatever it is you are choosing to be or not be self responsible for – you need to OWN it. Be mindful of it. Be intentional and conscientious about it.


Where we get stuck on our journeys is when we refuse to acknowledge that we aren’t taking responsibility for ourselves.


Take my stupid example of taxes (clearly not required for health, but it is an easy example) – because I own that decision.  I know that by choosing that, it means I need to make sure SOMEONE (my husband!) is doing them for me. So I am responsible for that. If I completely neglected that – well, i guess that would mean I would risk going to jail for tax fraud – or whatever happens when you don’t pay your taxes.


This is where so many people end up. In a jail of their own making. Feeling stuck and locked up. Yelling desperately for someone to come let them out.  Or curled up in the fetal position just waiting.  And completely failing to realize they can open then door themselves.


Or in some cases, they do realize it – but that door is heavy as shit & rusted over.  It is not just going to swing open.


But ask yourself, what is the alternative?


If you aren’t going to open the door, who is?  What will happen?


Sure, maybe some well meaning people will turn on a light, toss you some food.


And for some, they will ride this out until the day they die.  Whether they acknowledge it or not.  Always expecting others to fix them or take care of them.  Pissed at the world when they don’t get their way.  Resentful of doctors that don’t solve their problem.  Giving up because ‘there is nothing that can be done’.





You can open the door.


It may take months or years to chip away at it.   And once you pry it open, the sunlight is so bright it forces you back into your dark jail.  But slowly, your eyes adjust.


You step out, legs shaky from being cooped up. 


Peering around this bright, beautiful new world can be terrifying.  All of a sudden endless options and paths are laid out in front of you.  It can be hard to even know which one to start on.  You may spend months just standing there – wondering ‘how the hell do I even pick which one to go down’.


And eventually, you realize the most beautiful thing ever – it does not matter.  As you finally look up and look ahead, you realize they are all interconnected.  You pick whichever one you want, and then veer off an choose another.  In this world, the options are endless because you are completely free to make your own choices and build your own individual path.


Which doors will you choose to open?


Need help deciding?  Don’t hesitate to schedule a FREE consultation & I can help brainstorm with you on your next best step!