“Can’t you just tell me what to eat?”


I get asked this a lot. As if I am hiding some secret. As if I am in some secret society that holds all the answers to nutrition. And that it will take 30 seconds to share that information.


And actually, sure – if you want the un-individualized food guide I provide people with just to get started (I end up individualizing with each person as we gain information), just email me at Andrea@drandreamoore.com. Right now. What are you waiting for? I promise I will send it to you, no problem, no obligation, free of charge.


The fact that you are reading this makes it very likely that you already do know what to eat. Hint: real, whole foods is a great place to start!


The reality is, when I do provide the “answer”, nothing happens. Little to no action gets taken. I have even had people look at it and say, “no, I can’t do this, what are my other options?”


Which is exactly why I hate answering the question “Can’t you just tell me what to eat”.


Sure, I can, but chances are, you won’t. And it is NOT because you are lazy or lacking will power.


And even if you do, I doubt you’ll be completely satisfied or sustain it longterm. Why? Because there is SO much more than what you eat that goes into feeling amazing, comfortable in your body, vibrant, balanced & healthy. Plus, any food recommendations are generic – while a great guideline, it takes connecting with your own body to eat in a way that makes you feel fantastic.


Eating nourishing foods is a necessary step along that process. But in the same way breathing is a necessary step to exercise. They are both damn important, but alone, won’t lead to the outcomes you desire.


So now you know I am happy to share the guide. You will notice I am not attaching it to this post. Why? Because I already know most people who wanted an answer to the original question won’t bother to even take the time to email me. Which of course, is a huge part of the problem. If you can’t even email me to ask for it, would you actually follow through with it?


And I am truly not criticizing lack of follow through. Trust me, I get it. My own lack of follow through is the EXACT reason I do what I do (different story, another time). It is why I decided to help people who feel like being healthy is exhausting. Those who don’t know how to fit it into their lives. Those who want to feel at home in their bodies, but instead feel anxious and distracted by food, always hoping for the next magic fix. Because willpower isn’t the answer, there is more to the story.

To help get you started on your journey, I have a few action steps for you.


  1. Ask yourself, “What am I actually looking for when I ask ‘can you just tell me what to eat’?”
    Is it the hopes of a quick fix? The hope that I will affirm whatever choices you are currently making? Or that you think you are eating the right thing, but aren’t getting the results you want?
    Get clear on that. Whatever you answer, it is a critical starting point, because something isn’t working for you right now. If it was, it is unlikely you would have read this far!
  2. Ask yourself, “Why have I not yet invested the time/money/effort into a solution yet?” It is possible you didn’t even know you could, or because you haven’t found the right fit. Maybe you are scared. Maybe you don’t believe that you deserve to. Maybe you haven’t put yourself first in so long, you don’t remember how. Or, you might be thinking “I HAVE”, but it didn’t solve my issues (which I would then urge you to refer back to my point about nutrition not being everything!).  Get super clear on this.
  3. Share your answers with me! I would LOVE to hear what you came up with. Email them to me (Andrea@drandreamoore.com), share them in the comments, or, even better, sign up for a complementary discovery session and we can discuss them over the phone & I can help you with the solution!