Episode 37: Are You Missing this Specific Catalyst for Healing?

When it comes to healing from chronic pain, we need to pull in different types of methods to help heal our nervous systems.  In today’s episode, I talk about a specific type that is frequently missed, or, misused.  Listen in to ensure you’re incorporating this important catalyst to nervous system healing!!
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Episode 36: How to Unweave Chronic Pain (and what that even means!)

Wondering why the heck the podcast is titled what it is? And more importantly – how it can apply to helping you heal your chronic pain? Well listen in because in explaining the name, I’ll walk you through the ‘behind the scenes’ of how I guide people to getting to the root of their pain & knowing what the heck to focus on (when it feels like there are SO many things!!!).
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Episode 35: How Healing Your Grief Heals Your Pain, with AmarAtma Singh

In this episode, I sit down with AmarAtma Singh & we dive into how grief can manifest as physical pain in the body, along with other ways it can express itself.  He explains how grief can occur not just from massive losses, but also from life transitions & changes – including losing function due to chronic pain itself.  He walks us through the genius process he uses to help his clients build emotional resilience & life skills while processing their grief.


If grief processing sounds like the next step on your journey, or you’d like to learn more, you can find him in the following places:
Facebook: AmarAtma Khalsa
Instagram: @AmarAtmaCoaching
Email: info@AmarAtmaCoaching.com
Website: AmarAtmaCoaching.com

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Episode 34: When Sh*t Hits the Fan


Our worlds are so curated with social media & pinterest perfect depictions of life.  This episode is different than my usual ones, because I walk you through exactly what I’m experiencing right now in life – which is a hot mess of shit hitting the fan – and how I am moving through it.  Rather than wait until I could wrap it up with a pretty bow & present it, I wanted to record while I am deep in this.  Even since recorded more has been added to the chaos I described!!

Learn how the point is NEVER about having a perfect life.  And there are skills you can develop to help manage when shit happens!

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Episode 33: Achieving Nervous System Safety (when breath work & mediation do NOT work!)


With chronic pain, it is so common that most nervous system regulation tools & tricks do NOT work.  In this episode, learn how you can cultivate nervous system safety without trying to force a technique that just irritates your system.

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Episode 32: Similarities Between Baking a Cake & Healing Chronic Pain


In this episode, I provide the 3 absolutely essential “ingredients” required for healing chronic pain.  And out of these 3 – I highlight the one that is needed to pull everything together.  This is a MUST listen episode if you’ve been experiencing pain for >6 months and feel like any progress has plateaued…or things have been worsening.

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Episode 31: Primary Chronic Pain with Abigail Hirsch, Ph.D.

Today I had a great opportunity to interview Abigail Hirsch, PhD – we dove deep into the neuroscience, as well as the new (as of Jan 2022!) diagnosis that is now in ICD-11 – which is SO SO important to be aware of, and we discuss the pros & cons of this now being a diagnostic code – and more importantly, what to look for with treatment. 

Abigail Hirsch, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist who specializes in creating digital products that transform lives. She’s the co-founder of chronic pain management platform Lin Health.

She also built the first-ever digital relationship support program, Power of Two. As Chief Clinical Officer at myStrength, she helped lead the creation of a digital behavioral health program that was acquired by TeleDoc. Abigail has 4 boys, owns every type of ball from base to moth, and loves to take her bright orange beach bike tooling around in the fields behind her house.

Check out Lin Health!

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Episode 30: The 3 Reasons Why Listening to Your Body is Holding You Back!

Listening to your body started out as great advice, but as the mind-body connection has had increasing awareness (yay!), I’ve seen some really common patterns pop up around this.  Whether you are brand new to trying to listen to your body, or you’re someone who hasn’t been able to figure out how the heck to listen, or, you’re someone who has been doing it, but has been frustrated at the results…this episode is for you!

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Episode 29: The Mistake You’re (Accidentally) Making Around Treating Your Pain

Pain gets entangled into so many areas, so it is so common to see people unintentionally applying a treatment that just doesn’t make any sense for their actual problem.  In this episode, I’ll walk you through the 2 most common places people get stuck, and how to notice if you’re doing it.

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Episode 28: Getting Clear on What Our Pain is Telling Us with Anna Holtzman

Anna Holtzman is a chronic pain recovery therapist and coach.  She got into this work through her own recovery process from over ten years of chronic migraines. And through the work she now guides her clients through, she found her way from fear to freedom.

On this episode, Anna & I have an amazing conversation where we really get into the nuance around the semantics in the pain world – and some of the problems that come from the language that is used.  We also then dive into reasons why your body is experiencing chronic pain, and how to move forward with this.  We also talk about things to look for in a practitioner as you navigate this world.

You can learn more about Anna and her work here as well as find out information about her “Writing To Release Chronic Pain” course!

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Episode 27: When Chronic Pain Stops You From Exercising (which is your mental health outlet!!)

Was exercise your mental health outlet, and now you’re unable to do it because of chronic pain?  Even worse, have you been told the solution is to just stop doing the thing you love?

If so, this episode is for you!  We will explore why exercise can be a GREAT outlet for mental health, and ways to expand our toolbelt so it isn’t the only thing to rely on (because that’s a lot of pressure!!).

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Episode 26: The Patriarchy, Pain & Uncovering Our Desires with Dr. Valerie Rein

In this episode, I have the honor of interviewing my mentor, Dr. Valerie Rein, author of “Patriarchy Stress Disorder” (if you don’t already own it, go buy it now!).  This episode is full of richness as we dive into how understanding the patriarchy is actually crucial for our healing journey.  Next we explore intergenerational trauma, some misconceptions in the self help world on what it means to be authentic, and then lastly, dive into what it means to pursue desires – and how to even tell if the desires are true to you, or just another manifestation of a “should” we place our ourselves.  This conversation was SO SO good & I cannot WAIT for you to get to listen in!

Dr. Valerie Rein is a psychologist and women’s mental health expert who has discovered Patriarchy Stress Disorder (PSD) and created the only science-backed system for helping women achieve their ultimate success, happiness, and fulfillment by healing the intergenerational trauma of oppression. She holds an EdM in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University and a PhD in Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Her #1 Amazon bestselling book, “Patriarchy Stress Disorder: The Invisible Inner Barrier to Women’s Happiness and Fulfillment” has been heralded by reviewers as “the most important body of literary work of our modern times” and “perhaps the most important book of the century for women.”

Dr. Valerie’s cutting-edge programs have helped thousands of women shift from “how much can I bear?” to “how good can it get?”, from survival to thriving, in their work and personal lives. Here are some great opportunities to get connected with Dr. Valerie: 1) Download the first chapter of Dr. Valerie’s book AND book resources. 2) Follow her on Instagram — or on Facebook – feel free to tag and DM her! She love tags and hashtags, hers are #patriarchystressdisorder and #thethrivingexperience — follow them for updates 3) Come out and play with us live at our legendary free virtual retreat, The Thriving Experience! Learn more and register here.

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Episode 25: When The “Work” Isn’t Working!

This episode is all about troubleshooting “inner work”.  If you feel like you’ve been doing work such as somatic work, embodiment work and/or trauma healing, and it is just not changing a damn thing…then listen in!

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BONUS Episode with Michele Yankson!

I absolutely LOVED this conversation with Michele – a lawyer turned yoga instructor & career coach, as we got to hash out so many amazing topics together, while she shared her healing journey.  She beautifully touches on how we can internalize trauma that originates from oppression & racism; why being a victim isn’t the bad thing make it out to be….and how yoga has played such an integral part on her journey.  Join us for this amazing conversation.

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Episode 23: What’s On The Other Side Of Pain?

In this episode, discover what is on the other side of pain once you’re willing to be with it, to sit with it, to fully allow & even love on it.  It can sound crazy to want to do that – but when you understand the why – all of a sudden, it can start to sound pretty enticing!

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Episode 22: Nerding Out About Pain & Humor with Tawny Kross

Today is a special episode of the UCP podcast because we have our first ever guest!!!  Welcome to Dr. Tawny Kross.

Today we discuss all things nerdy, especially pain science.  We also go into why humor is such a crucial (and fun!) thing to bring in during your healing journey.

Dr. Tawny Kross graduated with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Duke University in 2013. She has worked in a Veterans Affairs hospital for nearly a decade now. Through the course of her practice, she has developed a very comprehensive and integrative approach to PT, which evolved from the necessity of such an approach in her work with the complexities of those who have chronic pain. This includes nutrition, hypnosis, guided imagery, mindfulness among other practices. Focusing on mental health and being trauma-sensitive is of particular importance, as many of her clients have experienced military sexual trauma. She helps her clients move beyond pain and fear by connecting them with internal motivations, guiding them to see innate strengths and realize their inner healing abilities. She recently started her own business, Kross Centered Care – Integrative PT, Health and Wellness in order to bring her expertise to more people. Visit her on Instagram.

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Episode 21: New Take On Resolutions

Resolutions are proven to fail 92% of the time.  So why do we insist on setting them?  Let’s try a different approach for 2022 – one where we don’t start the year immediately feeling like shit :).

P.S. I recommend listening even if it is past the New Year!

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Episode 20: Ancestral Trauma

In this episode we dive into how empowering learning about & uncovering ancestral trauma can be on your journey with chronic pain.  As humans, we pretty much all have ancestors that have been carrying trauma that has been passed down to us, so definitely listen in to uncover more & learn what to do with it!

Please don’t hesitate to send any questions to me to be answered on the podcast on Instagram or here.  If you know you want to explore this with a guide, then book a pain strategy session.

Episode 19: Sitting With Discomfort

In this episode we dive into intentionally sitting with discomfort.  Which sounds weird, until you realize that we spend so much of our energy desperately trying to avoid discomfort (which doesn’t even work).

If you’re in chronic pain, you’re no stranger to discomfort as it is – what if you could choose to use it as something to fuel you, rather than exhaust you?

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Episode 18: When You’re Averse To Self-Compassion

Have you ever felt like you “should” be more compassionate to yourself, but also pretty convinced that if you give yourself some grace, you’ll be even more of a hot mess/disaster/lazy/insert self-deprecation here????

If so, you’re SO not alone, and this episode is for you! Today I break down why this is so common, my own experience with my aversion to self-compassion and why addressing this is so critical to addressing chronic pain!!

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Episode 17: How Perfectionism Blocks Healing

In this episode, we are going to be diving into why perfectionism can be such a massive block in healing, and how it can intertwine itself in so many different places in super sneaky ways and mask itself as healing!! Listen to the end to find out the best way to begin addressing this that you can start right away!

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Episode 16: Self Help Ever Make You Feel Worse?

This episode is for you if you’ve ever done work in the name of healing, self help, etc, but have actually felt WORSE after.

In this episode, I address where things can go wrong/why they can go wrong with self help, affirmations, thought work, etc!

If you’re wanting to dig in more, then schedule a free pain strategy session here. You can also find me on Instagram.

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Episode 15: ‘Good’ Advice Is Never The Whole Story

Soundbites are EVERYWHERE.

And they aren’t necessarily wrong – they are often discussing an outcome though, and jump past the work it can take to achieve that outcome.⁠ ⁠So we read these, and then beat ourselves up for not having already achieved them!⁠ ⁠Nuance is KEY.

In this episode, I discuss this pervasive issue, and then talk about 3 common “sound bites” I hear that when interpreted in certain ways become more harmful than helpful.⁠ ⁠One of them is “no pain, no gain” – my take on it might surprise you!⁠

 Listen in to hear the rest!⁠

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Episode 14: Where Does Movement Fit In?

Movement is ultimately an incredibly important thing to being a human.

But where does it fit in on your healing journey? Especially when both your pain & emotions make it extremely challenging to engage with?

Listen in to find out how to incorporate movement from a place of healing and love :).

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Episode 13: How To Use Somatic Work To Heal

This episode provides the actual ‘how to’ action steps of using somatic work in your healing process. I walk you through first my goals of using somatic work, what it is, and then finally, the basic steps to doing it.

This isn’t an info-only episode – this is literally the process I use in my work with my clients.

So if you’re ready to take action to begin to heal your chronic pain, this is the episode for you!

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I would love to hear how this process went for you, and what things need further “troubleshooting” as you are learning about somatic work!

Episode 12: Healing Your Pain For YOU.

In this episode, I discuss why it is so important to truly identify the motives for your healing.

It may feel obvious, but when we dig in, it may turn out things are muddier than they seem.

Listen in to help get some clarity around why you’re healing your pain, which is going to be essential for your journey!

As always, you can find me here or on Instagram. Please feel free to DM me if you have any questions whatsoever!

Episode 11: Don’t Know What You Want Instead Of Pain?

Have you ever been asked what your values are? Or what you’d do if you didn’t have pain? Or what you’d like for your life in the future? And felt totally paralyzed when trying to answer? This is incredibly common, and listen in to this episode to find out why…and what you can start doing to unpack this!

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Episode 10: Redefining Trauma

All too often, trauma is dismissed because it ‘wasn’t that bad’ or it ‘doesn’t count’, but underneath all of this, there is a very real physiological reaction that is occurring that is leading to nervous system sensitization and therefore, chronic pain.

In this episode, I offer a different take on trauma, and why the word ‘trauma’ is problematic in the first place – and offer an alternative way to look at it.

Whether or not you think you have trauma, if you have chronic pain, you MUST listen in to this episode.

I’ll let you in on what doesn’t work in addressing, this…and of course…how you can actually heal this and decrease your nervous system sensitivity in the process.

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Episode 9: 2 Non-Negotiables For Healing Pain

In this episode, I discuss 2 non-negotiables for healing chronic pain that people often try, and abandon because they “didn’t work”. I discuss what these are, and how to troubleshoot them.

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Episode 8: Is Your Pain Journey Empowering You?

A healing journey at its core is one that empowers you. Yet I see so many stuck in disempowerment. Listen in today to first help figure out if you’re truly empowered, and if you aren’t – how to shift into it!

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Episode 7: “Bottom-Up” Pain Concepts

In episode 4, we focused on ‘top down’ pain.

Today, we are going to explore the nervous system further and learn more about ‘bottom-up’ pain concepts.

This is a huge, complex topic and I am excited to start breaking it down for you, because the better you understand your body and the true causes of pain, the less suffering it causes.

As always, you can find me on Instagram or here. If you’re interested in taking your pain healing journey to the next level, sign up for a free pain strategy session here.

Episode 6: Finding Safety

Finding safety is essential for those struggling with chronic pain, and it can also be incredibly challenging to do. Listen in to this episode to learn a very actionable step on how to start bringing this in!

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Episode 5: Perfectionism and Pain

In this episode, I cover how perfectionism actually can lead to and/or amplify chronic pain. It’s so incredibly common, yet not something I see discussed or addressed at all.

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Episode 4: Getting To The Root Of Chronic Pain

In today’s episode, we get a little nerdy. Why? Because research shows, when we understand pain, it can begin to calm our nervous system.

In this episode, we are laying the groundwork for understanding why finding safety in the nervous system is so crucial to the healing process, and I introduce a practice you can begin right away!

If you want to learn more, connect with me on Instagram or here

Episode 3: What To Expect On Your Journey… And Defining Pain

This is a 2 part episode! The first part is really discussing what the healing journey can feel like. The second part is really about defining pain, and starting to better understand it.

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Episode 2: The One Necessity For Your Journey

Listen in today to discover an absolutely essential piece for your chronic pain journey. Without this, it is very common and easy to lose motivation, get discouraged and feel hopeless.

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Episode 1: What You Need To Heal From Chronic Pain!

Welcome to the first episode of Unweaving Chronic Pain! In this episode, I’ll be sharing more about who this podcast is for, who I am, and then diving right into all the components needed for a successful journey of healing chronic pain, and getting back to living life on your own terms!

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