I have had many clients excitedly tell me everything they are doing to get healthy – meticulously tracking every calorie/macro, exercising for at least an hour everyday & spending hours researching the latest health trends.


Despite their enthusiasm, I hear that exhausted strain in the back of their throat.  Just trying to put myself in their shoes starts sucking the life out of ME!  Health has become another full -time job for them!


In my opinion, once ‘trying to get healthy’ has become a chore or a job, it just starts working against you.  And becomes this vicious cycle or stress & restriction which slow down or even reverse our ability to heal.



Being healthy should not feel exhausting.


That is literally the exact opposite of what being healthy should feel like!  Being healthy should be liberating & energizing!


When I first realized this for myself, my initial thought was


‘well if I don’t restrict myself & force myself to eat a certain way, I’ll become an indulgent, fat, lazy slob.”  


And I KNOW I am not alone in that thought.


It feels like we are stuck in this ‘either or’ place.  Either I get super serious about my health & treat it like a chore…OR…I just say ‘fuck it’ and eat donuts, nachos & ice cream all day, and gain 100 pounds.



What if there was another option?


What if there was a place to be healthier AND not have health feel like a chore?

The awesome news is – there is!
  1. Decide what you want your life to look like (this is different from what you don’t want!).  Get crystal friggin clear on exactly how you want your life to be, feel like, what you want to happen everyday & WHY.
  2. Figure out what *really* needs to happen to get there.  This often involves things beyond food (you can take my assessment to help uncover that in more details here:  https://www.drandreamoore.com/assessment
  3. Align your actions with the outcome you want

It is that simple.


Sort of.


 It does take practice.  And lots & lots of intention.


But I can tell you, when I am choosing to not eat a donut because I have a call with a client on that I want to be operating at my 100% at – because being at my 100%  for my clients is a huge priority – the choice is easy.  I don’t even want the donut.


But, when I am trying not to eat a donut because “I shouldn’t have that” or “I am going to the beach in 2 weeks” – I guarantee I’ll fail every. Single. Time.  IN fact, I’ll probably eat 2 donuts.  Have I ever mentioned I have like ZERO will power?


Oh, and sometimes?  I really want a donut, and I just eat one.  And that is cool, too.


When we see health as a chore, and not as a way to get to our dreams & goals, it becomes about will power.  It is a game we will eventually lose & works against us.

If you can make health run in the background – something that is just a part of who you are and what you do, no questions asked…it can open up so many more possibilities!