Every summer, we battle these asshole weeds.  I’m pretty sure they grow 3 feet high in under 2 weeks.  This year, it felt like their weed babies had babies.  After about 6 weeks of sun + 6-8 weeks of not doing anything…this is what our backyard looked like:


It knew I needed to clear them…(mainly cause, bees..), but holy shit, I was overwhelmed.


Where do I even start!?


So I procrastinated a few more weeks since I figured I had to buy some more anti-weed fabric & mulch….and I just never got around to it…


Until one gorgeous weekend, I just really wanted an excuse to be outside…so I just started cutting down the tall ones (they are comfreys, in case you care…and they shoot their roots 10 feet vertically according to the internet, so you can’t dig them out!!).


And then, I couldn’t stop! omg, it was SO satisfying.  Once those were mostly down, I moved into the innards of our ridiculously weird gravel pit.  This was the part I was more worried about, as I assumed it would be hours of hand picking 1000s of weeds…


But, I just started pulling off (super fun, btw!)  ivy & was pleasantly SHOCKED to realize that it was pretty much covering everything.  Soooo satisfying!

Both the mulch & the anti-weed fabric (I’m sure that has a more official name) that we had put in 2 years ago, was actually still pretty much intact, so I didn’t even need to go to the store (the whole reason I had been procrastinating…)


And just a couple hours over a period of 3 days….this was the result:






Did you even realize there were rocks under all that??! Those 2 pictures are taken from the exact same spot.


What I had seen as an overwhelming project that would take a multiple weekends to finish was done in probably less than 6 hours.


I just needed to clear the weeds do I could see what was *really* going on.



And this is SO the case for our health.  Oftentimes lack of sleep, stress, negative thought patterns, poor nutrition & decreased movement can create some very complex symptoms & even diseases.  Some people may go years before receiving some vague diagnosis (and then left with ‘there is nothing that can be done’ or…here is some drug).


But sometimes, we just need to clear the picture first.  Move, get sleep, shift thought patterns & improve nutrition.  All of a sudden, things just clear out.  Confusing symptoms just go away.  And then maybe we’re left with a few weeds to pick, and some things that can be spruced up.  And what needs to be done is MUCH clearer.


You don’t need a fancy diagnosis, or to figure out what is going on with your thyroid or estrogen levels to start sleeping more, or to start a meditation practice.  You don’t need to wait for confirmation of anything to start decreasing processed foods & sugar or to eat more vegetables.  And you definitely don’t need someone to tell you it is okay to start a gratitude practice, or to start working on shifting thought patterns.


Just start somewhere.  Anywhere.  Maybe just drinking an extra glass of water.  Or taking 3 deep breaths (hey, try that right now!!).


Start clearing the picture. Things may not be as complicated as you thought!