About Me

Hey there – I’m Andrea.

I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and Certified Life Coach.

Yeah – it can be a mouthful.

Once you get to know me, you’ll know it’s because I’ve created my own path for working with women who are ready to paint their own picture of holistic health.

Does this mean I want you to fill up on smoothies and superfoods

Heck no.
I was terrified of cilantro for half my pregnancy because I was told that my previous miscarriage was because I ate TOO much of it (this is bs by the way).  I intimately understand that fear, guilt & shame around food do nothing but drive a divide between our mind, body & soul and take you further from the very healing you are trying to accomplish.

Also, for the record, I have never ‘successfully’ done a 30 day elimination diet or whole 30 or sugar detox (which is basically “the gold standard” of clean eating). And I’m still pretty happy with my life and my body.  AND, I enjoy my food.  I’m a living, breathing example that restriction is not necessary to achieve health.

Does this mean I’m here to tell you how to get to your goal weight?

Honestly, I am so over weight loss talk.  The more we focus and obsess about it, the further we push ourselves away from it.  Don’t believe me?  How’s your obsession with it been working out recently!? 

I’m here to get you to a place where you can put on a bikini, go dancing or apply for that job NOW.  Without “needing” to lose the 20lbs to do all the things you’ve been putting off while stuck in the space of “once I lose weight…”

When we can approach our lives with love and confidence for our body and soul, there is finally space for healing and transformation to occur. Do some clients lose weight? Sure.  But it comes down to what your body needs and is ready to release. It’s a side effect of the work, not the focus, because focusing on it does. not. work. 

Does this mean I’m going to teach you how every waking moment with your little one should be bliss and to appreciate every single tantrum and poopy mess because they grow up so fast??

Ha! Please.
Any mom that has dealt with a poop-splosion and caffeinated her way through other monthly sleep regressions knows that shit gets hard. Trying to fake a smile through it is NOT helpful (and definitely not necessary). And what we don’t need on top of that is a heavy dose of mom guilt about turning to chicken nuggets & rice puffs for your kiddo’s lunch while stressing about that bowl of ice cream we ate last night.

Here is the thing – it is possible to find balance and calm in these moments where our gut instinct is to pull our hair out.


Motherhood doesn’t have to mean you are constantly anxious and in survival mode.

Being a confident caretaker of both your body and your kid is a daily practice, and will never look perfect. Perfection is unattainable – may as well leave that at the door right now if you want to succeed.

Ironically, I find the more I let go of perfectionism, the more energy I have to re-connect to my little one and to myself in a meaningful way. Bonus – we both feel better, sleep better and enjoy our time together. The more you give yourself permission to focus on the things you actually care about, and not the things you are “supposed” to care about according to social media, the more your life will move as you desire.

What I WILL DO is help you actually connect with your body, your values, and your goals.

Allow you to be the adult you are and make the choices you want from an informed standpoint.
Guide you to a place where you can actually see how your choices do (or don’t!) affect your long term goals,
dream, and desires. And to be clear, this a shame-free, guilt-free zone.



I am your permission slip from the universe.

Permission to let your kitchen be messy.

Permission to let go of emotional eating.

Permission to lose the mom-guilt (it isn’t helping, I promise)

Permission to enjoy that bowl of ice cream.


Diet and exercise aren’t the cure all to health, wealth, and happiness.

There are many other elements of health that affect our health MORE or just as much as nutrition! I used to think I had “tried everything” until I realized that pretty much everything I had tried was a variation of food & supplements.

By truly getting holistic about our health, we can nourish your body and create happiness & health in your life.

It’s both that easy and that hard.

Simplicity is rarely easy, but it’s always the answer.

I’m here for you: moms who realize that you can and SHOULD question your thoughts and beliefs in ways that actually
start to serve you.

To transform your time with your little one from anxiety & worry to confidence & enjoyment. 

To guide you to a place where you have energy, health & confidence.

I want to help you best enjoy this one, wonderful, ridiculous, crazy life you have on YOUR TERMS.